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Scandinavian Embassy

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Scandinavian Embassy is committed to coffee excellence and present tendencies within diverse specialty coffee roasters of Scandinavia. Various small roasters in Denmark, Sweden and Norway make to a vibrant and progressive coffee scene. We bring to Amsterdam tasty coffees from The Coffee Collective, Per Nordby, Koppi, Drop Coffee, La Cabra among others. We are ambassadors of Scandinavian roasted coffees!

Our bar focuses on taste-experience and coffee diversity, employing various brewing methods. Keeping a close relationship with our kitchen we use coffee as an ingredient and pair coffee and food, enhancing the overall culinary experience. We always create new coffee based or fermented drinks.

Scandinavian Embassy offers coffee tasting sessions, coffee brewing and coffee-food pairing courses!


Barista Class E

Espresso brewing

we understand the principles of good coffee extraction and practice espresso making and milk steaming.


Manual brewing

we understand the principles of good coffee extraction and see the different brewing methods and practice brewing!

Please note: We adjust the classes according to your own needs and levels of experience.

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Coffee tasting E

We explore flavor and aroma in coffee. We taste all the different seasonal coffees at Scandinavian Embassy. You get a coffee bag of your favorite coffee on the table!

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